Soudal Fix All MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant

Sealants & Adhesives – Reimagined and Reengineered

Using and finding adhesives and sealants will never be the same again. No more trials and errors looking for suitable products for your materials and your applications. Soudal Fix All is a revolutionary product that encompasses and integrates a dynamic range of technologies into a single product that can do almost everything.

SMX Hybrid Polymer Technology

The next generation of sealant and adhesive technology

This is no mere silicone. It’s not based on polyurethane. Soudal Fix All is a technologically advanced polymer system which takes the best technical properties of many chemistries and combines it into one breakthrough product. Soudal poured in decades of research, improvement, and development of MS Polymer technology – and the result is our proprietary SMX Hybrid Polymer technology.

This enhanced hybrid polymer technology is what our Fix All range is based on – and how they achieve their exceptional performance.

SMX Polymer vs PU and silicone technologies

Advantages of MS Polymers
Fix All Extreme ultimate adhesive

Sealant and adhesive

A sealant. And an adhesive. In one versatile product

Make it simple. You no longer need multiple products to do basic tasks. Soudal Fix All has all the elasticity, movement capability, water-proof properties, and weather resistance to function and excel as a sealant. Tested to FDA food-safe specifications and with anti-fungal properties, you can use it for almost every sealing application. But don’t get mistaken that Fix All is only a sealant – with an adhesive strength of up to 320 kg per 10 cm², Fix All easily outperforms many other construction adhesives, and is equally capable of all sorts of heavy duty bonding.

Fix All Crystal Foodgrade sealant

Interior and exterior use

Use it anywhere – rain or shine. It’ll hold up

Water. Rain. Sun. Snow. These are all things that Fix All has no problem dealing with on a daily basis. Soudal’s SMX polymer technology was developed to have superior resistance to all interior and exterior conditions, and Fix All has been tested and proven to have superb UV stability, imperviousness to water, and exceptional chemical resistance. No more worrying about whether a sealant will work in difficult conditions.

Fix All Extreme for exterior applications

Water resistant

Waterproof. Water resistant. Even before full cure.

Sometimes, trying to fix a leak is all too difficult with traditional products. And the main reason for this problem is that a leaking area is constantly wet, disrupting adhesion. Step in Fix All. With its moisture-curing mechanism and further developments by Soudal, Fix All can bond easily to wet and humid surfaces, with little or no compromise in adhesion, forming a water-tight seal. In some extreme case-studies, Fix All has even been applied under the sea, and left to cure while immersed in seawater to excellent results.

Fix All Flexi waterproofing sealant

Suitable for almost all materials

Bonding and sealing just became fuss-free

You no longer have to fret about the little things – wondering if a product is suitable for a certain material, or worrying about corrosion or staining. Our Fix All range has the widest adhesion spectrum in the world, meaning that it will bond to virtually any surface that is not PE, PTFE, or PP. With its neutral curing system, solvent-less design, and lack of migrating plasticizers, Fix All doesn’t just work on all materials – it works perfectly with no side-effects like staining or corrosion on even the most delicate substrates. Yes, that includes mirrors, marble, and polystyrene.

Fix All Flexi Sanitary Sealant

Health and environmentally friendly

Breathe easy

No strong acidic smells, or pungent, piercing solvents. No harmful chemicals or gases released. Halogen-free and isocyanate-free. Fix All is a bastion of light in an industry fraught with warning labels and danger symbols. Our SMX polymer moisture curing system is neutral and harmless to health and the environment, and is practically odourless. You can breathe easy knowing that this product works for you, with you.

Fix All Turbo Ultra Fast Adhesive


Paintable. Available in three colours. Or crystal clear.

Need a custom colour to match your walls? Fix All is paintable once it skins, which is a matter of minutes, so it will never look out of place. We also have three standard colours available – white, grey, and black, so just pick one that goes best with your marble floors or ceramic tiles. And when you need a 100% clear, invisible bond, Fix All Crystal brings about an entirely transparent sealing or bonding solution.

Fix All Crystal 100% Transparent

Made in Belgium

European standards of production and quality control

Products are only as good as their production, which is why we insist on manufacturing every single cartridge of Fix All in our state-of-the-art production plant in Belgium. Utilizing tested-and-proven raw materials based on our proprietary formulas, and producing only on highly efficient, automated machines ensures that every single cartridge is of the highest quality. Combine that with our stringent quality checks and controls, and you have a product you know you can count on each time, every time.

Soudal Factory, Belgium

Fundamentally different. Clearly improved.

Learn more about the Fix All Range

Soudal Fix All Flexi Sealant

Fix All Flexi

Super Versatile

Our most versatile product features great adhesion, flexibility, and elasticity, perfect for sealing joints and bonding stuff! With its added anti-fungal properties, Flexi is an uncompromising product for any application, and is a truly one-product solution for every need.

Soudal Fix All Crystal Transparent Adhesive Sealant

Fix All Crystal

Super Transparent

The 100% Crystal Clear sealant and adhesive for applications where looks matter. Great for bonding glass to glass, or anything requiring invisible sealing and bonding with a transparent product. Can be used for food-safe applications.

Soudal Fix All Turbo Fast acting adhesive construction

Fix All Turbo

Super Fast

Our high-strength, heavy-duty adhesive can be used to bond heavy materials in as quickly as 20 minutes! Achieving such a strong bond in such a short time is no easy feat, but what’s more impressive is in how long the product lasts.

Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power Adhesive

Fix All Xtreme

Xtreme Power

The strongest of the Fix All range, you can count on this adhesive to fulfill all your bonding needs in the simplest ways. Just apply and press, and the high initial tack ensures it holds up without sliding, with an unsurpassed tack of up to 400 kg / m²!