Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power Adhesive

Fix All Xtreme Power

The most extreme of the Fix All Range, you can count on this adhesive to fulfill all your bonding requirements in the most simple ways. With an initial tack of 400 kg / sqm, you just apply and press, and the extreme tack ensures it holds up immediately without sliding.

  • Based on Soudal’s SMX Hybrid Polymer Technology
  • Extreme tack means it can hold 400 kg / sqm in its initial bond!
  • Max. Tension (final bond strength) of 210,000 kg / sqm (DIN 53504)
  • No more holding up materials by hand or making support struts
  • Extremely high adhesive strength to most materials
  • Bonds onto humid surfaces, even underwater
  • Extremely durable with superb resistance to water, weather, chemicals, and movements

290 ml cartridges, 12 cartridges / box

Colours available
  • White

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  • Extreme tack means it can hold up to 400 kg / sqm in its initial bond!
  • No more holding up materials by hand or making support struts
  • Extremely durable, high strength bond with superb resistance to movements
  • Heavy-duty adhesive with extreme adhesion to most substrates
  • Retains limited flexibility and elasticity to ensure long-lasting bond
  • Bonds onto humid surfaces, even underwater!
  • Excellent resistance to weather and UV
  • No smell, solvent-free, isocyanate-free
  • Harmless to health and to the environment
  • Fast curing without the need of a primer


  • Any bonding application
  • Bonding applications in construction and industrial applications
  • Any bonding involving very heavy materials
  • Sign-making, automotive, marine, and industrial applications
  • Bonding in car bodies, caravans, containers.

What’s the meaning of "tack"?

Initial tack means how much weight an adhesive can support at the moment it bonds. Fix All Xtreme Power’s extreme initial tack of 400kg / m² means that it can support 400 kg with a bonded surface area of 1 square metre right at the moment you press the materials together. This support means that the adhesive will hold it up without sliding or dropping. However, the materials can still be moved if external force is applied.

This is in contrast with final bond strength, which is achieved when the adhesive has fully cured and the materials can no longer be moved. The final bond strength of Fix All Xtreme Power is 2.10 N/mm², or 210,000kg / m² (DIN 53504).

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