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Soudal is proud to announce the development of a complete range of bike chemicals for the maintenance of race- and mountain bikes. Formulated in close cooperation with the technicians of the Lotto Soudal cycling team, The Soudal bike range consists of bike cleaners and bike lubricants.

Soudal has committed itself to supporting the Belgian cycling team Lotto Soudal until 2020 as chief sponsor. In addition to this sponsorship, the company will actively support the team by sharing its expertise on chemical products with the cycling world. Soudal is a Belgian manufacturer of silicones, adhesives and PU foams.

Guaranteed professional quality.

Soudal Bike Cleaners

Powerful cleaners and degreasers to keep the shine on your bike

The various cleaning products include general purpose cleaners as well as products for the cleaning of specific parts and will assist in the complete cleaning of the bike. We recommend to use a sponge and a brush for the less accessible places. Allow some time for the foam layer to work on the bike.

Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

In the instruction movie the Lotto Soudal technicians will show you how to clean your bike with the cleaning products.

soudal bike cleaner

Bike Cleaner

Professional detergent for thoroughly cleaning bicycles. Perfect for quickly removing mud and all types of dirt.

soudal bike chain cleaner

Bike Chain Cleaner

Professional degreaser and cleaner for removing all kinds of dirt from the chain and the front and rear derailleurs.

soudal bike polish

Protect & Polish

Professional polish to put a shine on the bicycle frame. Offers protection with its dirt- and moisture repellent properties.

Soudal Bike Lubricants

Keep your bike running better, faster, and longer

Top quality lubricants are vital for the chains and other moving parts. We developed 4 different applications in various weather conditions to ensure the optimal performance of bike chains, gears and other moving parts.

In the instruction movie the Lotto Soudal technicians will show you how to lubricate your bike with the lubricants.

Dry Wax

Professional chain lubricant – wax penetrates into the innermost parts of the chain to keep it supple.

Dry Weather Lubricant

High performance bike lubricant especially designed for use in dry weather – dirt and dust adhere less quickly.

Wet Weather Lubricant

Professional high-quality lubricant for lubricating moving parts such as chains. Water-repellent, especially designed for use in wet weather.

All Weather Lubricant

Professional lubricant for lubricating moving parts, especially designed for use in all weather conditions thanks to the PTFE additive.

Made in Belgium

European standards of production and quality control

Products are only as good as their production, which is why we insist on manufacturing every unit of our Bike Range in our state-of-the-art production plant in Belgium. Utilizing tested-and-proven raw materials based on our proprietary formulas, and producing only on highly efficient, automated machines ensures that every single product is of the highest quality. Combine that with our stringent quality checks and controls, and you have a product you know you can count on each time, every time.

Soudal Factory, Belgium