Our full range of products include sealants, adhesives, and foams.

Soudal pu sealants, silicone sealants, and acrylic sealants


Soudal sealants include a wide variety of different sealants, each with its own range of products specially suited to different applications. Choose from silicone, PU and MS polymer sealants for applications ranging from glazing, gasket, to cleanroom sealing.

Soudal Fix All MS polymer sealant adhesives

Fix All

The Fix All range is the product of decades of R&D at Soudal. With a MS Polymer foundation, Fix All has been developed to outperform traditional MS polymer and other hybrid polymer technologies with Soudal’s patented SMX technology.

PU Foams

Being one of the largest manufacturers of PU foams in the world, Soudal has extensive experience and developments in the production of PU foam. With its open-cell technology and stable formulations, Soudal PU foams are designed to bring the best value and performance.


Soudal’s adhesives range from PU adhesives to hybrid polymer adhesives. With a wide range of high quality products, Soudal offers a long lasting bond for nearly any application.

Chemical Anchor

Soudal’s high-performance, universally applicable 2-component anchoring resin for the tension-free securing of anchoring rods, studs, and reinforcing bars. Soudal’s innovative cartridge design makes 2-component application possible using a standard caulking gun.


Waterproof Membrane

Instantly seal leaks with Soudal’s revolutionary waterproofing membrane, based on its proprietary SMX hybrid polymer technology. Based on the same chemistry as our prominent Fix All products, Soudal’s waterproofing coating ensures great usability, superb waterproofing, and excellent resistance.