Soudal’s adhesives range from PU adhesives to hybrid polymer adhesives. With a wide range of high quality products, Soudal offers a long lasting bond for nearly any application.

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Soudal Fix All Hybrid Polymer Adhesives

Soudal Fix All Flexi

SMX hybrid polymer sealant with high adhesive strength, good elasticity, and anti-fungal properties

Soudal Fix All Crystal

SMX hybrid polymer sealant / adhesive with a crystal clear appearance

Soudal Fix All Turbo

SMX hybrid polymer adhesive that works in turbo speed – capable of carrying a load in 20 minutes.

Soudal Fix All High Tack

SMX hybrid polymer adhesive that can carry very heavy loads immediately due to its high initial grab. Also with super strong final bond strength of up to 320 kg / 10 sqcm.

Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power

 High-quality SMX hybrid polymer adhesive with an extreme initial tack, capable of grabbing 400 kg / sqm in 2 seconds.

Other Hybrid Polymer Adhesives

Soudal Metal Fix

SMX hybrid polymer sealant / adhesive with high adhesive strength and grab. Contains aluminium pixels to achieve a shiny metallic appearance.

Soudal Ultra Repair Adhesive

Transparent, super-strong SMX hybrid polymer in a small squeeze tube of 20 ml, perfect for easy application around the house, factory, and beyond.

Soudal Multibond SMX50

Versatile hybrid polymer sealant/adhesive with high adhesive strength and flexibility. Packed in economical 600 ml sausages.

PU Adhesives

Soudal Pro 40P

One-component, ready-to-use PU adhesive with excellent water resistance

PU Foam Adhesives

Soudal Soudabond Easy Gun

One-component PU foam adhesive for fast and efficient construction bonding. Bonds up to 14 m² of area.

Chemical Anchors

Soudal Chemical Anchor 1400

High-performance, easy-to-use universally applicable 2-component anchoring resin for loads up to 1400 kg. Can be applied with standard caulking gun.

Solvent-based Adhesives (No More Nails; Liquid Nails equivalent)

Soudal T-REX Bond

High strength construction adhesive with very high initial grab, solvent-based. No more nails!