Gun and Foam Cleaner

Soudal Gun and Foam Cleaner is a ready-to-use cleaning aerosol can for use on Soudafoam Gun and Soudal foams. Cleans and partially dissolves fresh and uncured PU foam and foam stains. Also necessary for the cleaning and maintenance of PU foam guns. Fitted with regular threaded adapter for foam guns, and includes spray attachment.

  • Used in conjunction with Soudafoam Gun and the foam applicator gun as a cleaning fluid
  • Has a threaded screw adapter to affix cleaner on to gun
  • Can also be used with other cans due to attachable spray nozzle

500 ml pressurised aerosol can, 12 cans / box

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  • Convenient application with attached spray nozzle adapter
  • Can be sprayed out anywhere
  • Comes with threaded gun adapter to attach PU foam gun
  • Dissolves, cleans, and purges uncured PU foam residue from a gun, preventing blockages
  • Long shelf life


  • Cleaning of PU foam guns after use
  • Cleaning of valves of any PU foam aerosol cans
  • Cleaning and dissolving of excess, uncured PU foam in non-application areas
  • Removal of uncured foam


  • Do not use foam cleaner to remove excess foam in an application area. Wait for the foam to cure and cut with knife instead.
  • Cleaner has no effect on cured foams.
  • Turn the can upside down to extrude the cleaner through the gun
  • Always clean the gun after use with this cleaner to maintain the quality of the gun.
  • Cleaner may have limited effect to clean PU foam stains on clothing.

More instructions – see our PDF

Storage and warnings

  • Can be stored up to 24 months in unopened packaging in a cool, dry storage place with temperatures between 5 to 25C.
  • Apply usual industrial hygiene
  • For the full list of recommendations, please consult the Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets as provided.

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